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Connecting actors in the start-up and finance arena


Finding the best growth partners within our ecosystem.


Connecting start-ups with the most suitable M&A advisors.


Sourcing exceptional investment opportunities world-wide.


Linking corporates with the most groundbreaking start-ups.

Our Portfolio

Accelerating growth of our own portfolio

Narrowband IoT gas sensing device

Digital evaluation and matchmaking for start-ups & investors

Therapeutic robot that treats musculoskeletal disorders

Vertical farms for cultivation of crops

Genetically engineered protein for carbon nanoparticle dispersions

Exploiting sterility against resistant weeds

Digital platform to make insurance easy for everyone

Fashion & design university

Our leadership

Aleksandra Gruszkiewicz, with over 15 years of business development and fundraising experience in various industrial sectors she is Partner at Toro Ventures. She has extensive experience in financing different new product development stages as well as launching new products to market.

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